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This theme (PixSquare) for creating portfolio sites for creators has various features. This theme is designed to help creators effectively showcase their work and create a professional impression.

①First of all, PixSquare’s biggest strength is that you can choose the hue that suits your style from among four harmonious color coordinations.

② Selecting “None” will reflect monochrome (see below), and selecting “Simple” will reflect the following colors.

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: 29fc7e3d552635ab124fad9323eacc16-1024x549.png

③ If you select “Fashion”, the following colors will be reflected, and if you select “Trust”, the following colors will be reflected.

Then you can easily create a gallery. Just import the image and it will be automatically cropped and squared. This allows the pieces to line up beautifully and make them easier to see.
① Import the image on the editing screen.

② When you preview it, it is cropped to a square.

③ Clicking it will correspond to the light box.

PixSquare also has a news creation feature. When you post a blog, news is automatically generated and displayed on a dedicated news page. This allows creators to easily share their latest activities and events with users.
① Post new information on your blog.

②News and cards will be generated.

Additionally, there is the ability to add captions to images. This feature allows AI to automatically generate captions and embed them into images. This allows users to easily understand detailed information about the work even if the image link is broken.
① Select the image for which you want to create a caption in the media library.

②Follow the on-screen instructions and press “Get Alternative Text” to generate the caption.

Overall, this theme offers various features for creators to effectively showcase their work and give a professional impression. By utilizing features such as galleries, news, and captions, creators can express their talents and skills in a more appealing way.

Demo site is below